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Church Record Transcriptions

Transcriptions by Lloyd Olson and donated to N-AGA.

Scanned with “OCR” capability so they may be slow to open. Patience, please.

Search for a person's name using your computer's Find function: Ctrl + f on a PC, or Command + f on a MAC. Search for name variations since records were transcribed as “seen.” E.g., “Beret” or “Berit,” or “Ole” or “Ola.” Search for “Ole” will also find “Solerud.” 

The year notation might be on a previous page. There might be more than one page number: one for the original transcription, one for an edited version, and/or one for the scanned page order

Vocabulary in Norwegian Church Records

    Grue-Brandval in Hedmark

    • Vol. 1-4 [35MB]:
      • Various Births and Marriages 1701-1704
      • Baptism, Introduction, Engagement, Marriage, Burial
      • Baptism Oct. 1714-1814 - Date of baptism, Child’s Name, Name of father or parents. Sponsor names are not included.
    • Vol. 5 [12MB]:
      • Confirmation. (177 pages)
    • Vol 6 [42MB]:
      • Engagement and Marriage 1714-1774
      • Engagement and Marriage 1774-1814

    Stange in Hedmark

    The Randi Bjørkvik Files: Hadeland in Oppland 

    How to Use the Randi Bjørkvik Scans

    Helpful Hints in Using the DVD of Randi Bjørkvik's Arkiv by Barb Schmitt.

    An Example Page from Randi Bjørkvik's Arkiv

    Randi Bjørkvik (1918-2007) researched the families of Hadeland, Oppland for the years 1700 to 1880. There is no bygdebok for Hadeland, the kommune Gran, Lunner and Jevnaker. These are scans of her research notes handwritten in Norwegian for those families. (The fylke name has since changed.) They are organized by first name, then patronymic and marriage year. Please read the notes for using them.

    The files are too large to include links on this website, but N-AGA owns the complete DVD in our collection at the MGS library. Members may ask the librarian for the DVD to use on the library computers.  Look for instructions for using these records in a 3-ring binder with call number:  OPP.Hade  DVD Instructions. 

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