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The following links include excellent background for Norwegian culture at the time of emigration, mainly the last half of the 1800s. Search in past Avisen for additional topics. Access under Newsletter. Search in past Avisen issues for other topics. Access under "Newsletter".

Farmer Terminology from Avisen April 2021 

Husmann: What is a cotter Zones of livelihoods, husmann concept, rights, family, emigration

Husmannsvesen Homestead system: Work and living, social division, labor division, life stages, relationship to owner, geography, husmann uten jord, factory workers, builders, beach sitters, contracts, history, statistics.

Norwegian Barns History of the red barn in Norway. Diagrams of the layout of barns and houses. Information goes into the 1900s.

Norway & its age-old farming culture How farmers lived their lives, barter system, basic foods, summer dairy, daily schedule. 

Norwegian Crofter A crofter’s life style, family, social status, diet, marriage, and more. A thorough report.

The Norwegian Farm - Life and Architecture Early background on location, organization, materials, arrangement. Clear explanations.

Norwegian Life in the 1800s by Neil Hofland Farmer terms and farm sizes. Excerpt from T. Blegen on ownership and population in 1845. Very Good.

Strandsitter/Beach dweller Description of a strand sitter & house.

Talk Norway Extensive! Use magnifying glass to search. 

Who was a husmann Description, social class, reasons, contract. 

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