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Church Record Transcriptions

Transcribed by Lloyd Olson and donated to N-AGA

All files are in PDF format. Some are rather large and may take a couple of minutes to fully open. Once opened, please follow the directions below for Using.

Using the Records

All files are searchable using Ctrl+F on a PC and Apple+F on a MAC. Search by name or year. Spelling of a name depends on how the transcriber read the original record or it may have changed even in the original record. E.g., “Beret” or “Berit,” “Ole” or “Ola”. Search for more than one spelling. Any word or name containing the letters in the search will be found. E.g., “ole” will also highlight “Solerud.” All sets can also be browsed by paging through each set. Individual pages have no heading/title. Dates for years may be on a previous page. There may be more than one page number: One from the original transcription, one for reorganizing, and/or another for the page order it is presented in. Select one of the sets listed to go to the group of pages.

Three Sets of Records:

Grue-Brandval in Hedmark

Stange in Hedmark

Nord & Sør-Aurdal in Valdres, Oppland