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As a completely volunteer organization, we welcome and are grateful for donations. Cash donations and donations of books and or genealogical materials are the most useful. The reception desk at the Minnnesota Genealogy Center has a donation form. Any N-AGA board member can accept a donation by asking you to complete the form. A copy of the form will be given to the donor.

As a branch of the Minnesota Genealogical Society, your donations are tax-free and can be itemized as a donation for taxes.


Cash or check is welcomed. Please complete the donation form. Make a check out to N-AGA. You may declare a specific use such as “Library books,” “General fund.”

Books and Materials

Use the donation form to list the items donated. It is advisable to check with the N-AGA librarian for acceptance of your items.

Donation Guidelines

All donations must be appropriate for genealogical purposes.

  1. Norwegian farm history books (e.g., bygdebok or ættarbok) and lineage books.
  2. Family histories of Norwegian-Americans.
  3. Farm, community and church histories for the place of immigration.
  4. Emigration lists for Norwegians leaving Norway.
  5. Other publications as agreed on by a N-AGA representative.

Not accepted are: children’s books, picture books, travel and tourist books or pamphlets, church bulletins. N-AGA acceptance required for biographies & items not stated above.

The Donation Form must be completed and signed by the donor and a N-AGA member.