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Norwegian Culture

Background for Norwegian culture at the time of emigration, mainly the last half of the 1800s. More categories and links will be added as sources are identified. "Links" section continues to have links to genealogy websites; scroll to the bottom to access another list organized by county and/or fylke.

Farms, Farmers and The Land

Slekt & Historie by Johan Ingvald Borgos

Norwegian Life in the 1800s by Neil Hofland in Ă…rland.

History of farms and farmers

The Norwegian Farm - Life and Architecture

Science Norway

Talk Norway The home page for talk | NORWAY. Many choices—three are below. Use the "find" feature in your browser to look for a specific topic.

The old Norwegian farm | its land and surroundings

Norway and its age-old farming culture

Strandsitter | is Norwegian for a beach dweller | Norway